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Welcome at Bastanis and welcome at our new website. With the introduction of the new website we also introduce a fresh new strategy with a complete new and improved line of products. Getting curious, please have a look here.

All Bastanis products are at the leading edge following innovative ideas which are consistently converted into real products. The Bastanis high efficient loudspeakers and the Bastanis cables mean the end of search and will accompany you for the rest of your life.

The Bastanis speakers and the Bastanis cables are handcrafted and custom built to order. This approach is natural and mirrors the unique sound quality of our products, our focus is always on the customer. To make custom built speakers a natural standard without extreme waiting- time and without extreme pricing we certified a small number of international dealers for woodwork and assembly to Bastanis Germany quality standard. This means that you are in contact with your local specialist who is close and the custom built exactly matches your specifications.

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September 2019 - At the  XFi audioshow we have introduced our new Matterhorn MKII with dipole 15"-widebanders.

January 2018 - We are proud to welcome Silvercore has our new Bastanis dealer for East Germany.

October 2017 - Bastanis participated at the Dutch X-Fi audio show and introduced the Sagarmatha Duo there. Many visitors described the sound as best of the show.

September 2017 - Clive Meakins of Enjoy The Music has reviewed our new Sagarmatha Solo open baffle, please click here to read the review.


When you ever listen to historical professional cinema speakers from the first decades of the 20th century, you`ll note that these speakers offer superior transient response, micro- detail and max. dynamics in comparison to common modern home hifi- speakers. Read more

Wideband Drivers

All Bastanis speaker- designs ground on wideband drivers which cover the frequency band which transports the musical content for best imaging and most dynamical response. Read more

High Efficiency Speakers

The Bastanis speakers are very high efficient, in this way most of the electrical energy from the amp is transformed into acoustical energy and no information is lost. Read more

Open Baffles

Open baffles are free from cabinet- resonances which downgrade the signal- quality. The size of image is bigger and more natural compared with monopole speakers and the open baffle shows best micro- detail in the midrange. Read more

Bass Horns

The Bastanis line of passive powered speakers uses backloaded floor- firing bass-horn cabinets. This sounds complicated but there is an easy explanation which shows the big advantages of backloaded bass-horns for passive powered speakers. Read more

Handcrafted with Passion

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