Bastanis Imperial - speaker cable

Feel it and let the music come alive!


The design of the Bastanis Imperial (previously known as Epilog MKIII) speaker cables combines the advantages of flat and round wires thereby improving speed, imaging and sound in the high frequency range to a new level. The Bastanis Imperial speaker cables offer an amount of improvement in sound quality which is much bigger than you can imagine from speaker- cables. The new design of the Bastanis Imperial speaker cables keep the door to music wide open, existing limitations doesn`t matter. The Bastanis Imperial speaker- cables keep existing methods and qualities of the family of Bastanis speaker- cables and combine them with new and unique energetic treatments for a musical experience without limits - the different sound quality of records is what`s left.

The Bastanis Imperial speaker cables are made to work with best possible electronics and speakers. Integrated in a stereo offering exceptional 
soundquality the benefit connecting the Bastanis Imperial speaker cables is much bigger than you can expect from any oter speaker- cables, the amount of benefit is like you know from changing to a higher quality level electronic component.

The Bastanis Imperial speaker cables are handmade in Germany, no machine could produce the combination of flat and round wire. The insulation is made from lightweight material which is the only possibility to get the sound right and undisturbed.

The Bastanis Imperial MKIII speaker cables follow their own path by the unique design, orientated in the best possible soundquality only without any compromise.

All our cables are available in different lengths. We offer spade and banana connectors.

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