Sagarmatha Duo


Is it possible to make the best speakers even better?

Sagarmatha is the sanskrit name of the highest mountain on earth, the name equals the absolute sound quality which is lifted a full step ahead to a paramount level. There is a new generation Gemini dipole tweeters, a new generation 12“ AlNiCo wideband drivers, the 18“ Ultimate dipole woofers and new German made woofer- amps. The resulting soundquality is breathtaking and will open new perspectives even when you listen music with famous big historical horn- speakers believing that progress in developing the quality of speakers stopped many decades ago. The Sagarmatha Duo open baffle speakers consist of two 12“ AlNiCo wideband drivers each baffle, one Gemini MKII dipole tweeter and two 18“ active powered Ultimate dipole woofers each side.

The Sagarmatha Duo speakers are made to sound best in medium to big sized rooms, they require some free space around the baffles to show best sound quality. We made the look elegant and the Bastanis Sagarmatha Duo speakers are built to order, many custom- options and finishes are available. The open baffles always come with covers for the backside, also covers for the frontside are available. It`s normal for us to listen to your wishes and built the speakers exactly the way you like.

There is no series- production and the custom production requires a waiting- time of about three month which may extend if there are many orders. Bastanis speakers also are available from some dealers who are licensed to built cabinets and assemble the speakers to the same quality standards as the German made Bastanis speakers. This is a big plus because you have local woodwork and local service.

The Sagarmatha Solo speakers have been reviewed recently by Clive Meakins at Enjoy The Music. CLick here to read the complete review.



1,4" dipole horn- tweeter
2 x 12" AlNiCo wideband driver
2 x active dipole 18" woofer



Power handling

20W wideband drivers, 800W woofers

Dimensions baffle
(H x W x D)

160 x 50 x 40

Weight baffle

40kg per speaker

Dimensions subwoofer
(H x W x D)

110 x 40 x 60

Weight subwoofer

80 kg per subwoofer


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