Wildhorn MKII

Size Matters!


The Bastanis Wildhorn MKII loudspeakers can be the more clever alternative. The Bastanis Wildhorn MKII speakers are compact looking and so they are visually easy to integrate in most listening rooms, fulfilling even the most sophisticated audiophile demands. It has never been possible before to dive so deeply into the world of music in so easy and simple! The Bastanis Wildhorn MKII speakers set a new quality standard in the world of passive loudspeakers – by efficient minimalism and an uncompromising quest for sonic perfection. The Bastanis Wildhorn speakers turn the standard market  price structure upside down and open up completely new perspectives.

The Bastanis Wildhorn MKII speakers offer the same qualities as the Wildhorn MKI speakers but they come with the Bastanis Gemini MKII tweeters which increase the clean, detailed and smooth response of the Bastanis Gemini MKI tweeters in a full step up. The sound of the Bastanis Wildhorn MKII speakers in comparison is even more detailed and more natural.

Many years of experience and the ability to find elegant working solutions beyond the „iron laws“ of speaker- building combined with the traditional handcrafting methods let the door open more wide. The 12“ fullrange drivers offer superior dynamics and transient response due to their large sound-emitting surface. Our unique process of cone- treatments allows the fullrange speaker direct coupling to the power amp for best control and without any parts downgrading the quality of the signal path. To simplify the most complexed requirements enables the Bastanis Wildhorn MKII speakers to offer superb detail for instant „live“ music feeling. The Bastanis Wildhorn MKII speakers cabinet- design is based on self- regulating floor- firing backloaded basshorns. This cabinet- design offers unique dynamics, clean and fundamental basses for large and also smaller listening rooms from 16 m² on. The area of the virtual horn mouth chamber varies and adjusts the bass response independently of the room and the placement. The basses are extremely clean and dynamic, even if they does not quite reach the extreme performance of the bigger diameter 15“ wideband drivers Bastanis Matterhorn MKII speakers. The enormous efficiency of 100 dB / 1 W / 1 m, the smooth impedance curve and the low demand for electrical damping from the amplifier provide optimal conditions for fly- powered Single-Ended tube amplifiers. If the full dynamic range of the Bastanis Wildhorn MKII speakers is to be exploited and a powerful amplifier is connected the Bastanis Wildhorn MKII speakers happily produce max. dynamics which you remember from big professional speakers only.

  • Midrange colouration from cone break up is absent.
  • The ultra high efficiency of 100 dB/1W/1m and the crossoverless design offers direct coupling of the wideband drivers to the power amp.
  • The floor- firing basshorn-  design offers superior bass- response with extremly dynamic, detailed and fundamental performance.
  • The Bastanis Gemini MKII dipole tweeters are a class of their own.




1,4" dipole horn- tweeter
12" wideband driver
backloaded horn



Power handling

400W (AES)

(H x W x D)

121 x 31 x 35


35kg per speaker

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