Rothorn MKII

The best sounding speakers to place in a smaller/medium sized room.


The Bastanis Rothorn MKII speakers offer full High End sound quality from the bottom to the top. They are able to transport the spirit of music, no matter if Classical music or Rock, from low to “livelike” levels, in small to medium sized rooms – without any limitations!

The floor-firing bass horn offers much more dynamics and fundamental basses than you can imagine from the compact size.

The absence of crossover-parts in the signal-path of the wideband drivers reveals all the fine details which make the music come alive.

The musical structures stay in place, even at lowest listening-levels.

The high efficiency and the easy load make it possible to connect any power-amp from SE tubed amps to high wattage solid state amps.

The Gemini MKII tweeters are coupled to the wideband- drivers by a single cap for extended, airy highs.

Bastanis Rothorn MKII speakers offer a combination of slim and aesthetical look combined with excellent soundquality and dynamics which only can be reached using very big and expensive speakers. The Bastanis Rothorn MKII speakers are step ahead regarding the possibilities when you like to place your speakers in a smaller/medium sized room!

Bastanis Rothorn MKII speakers combine a 10″ crossoverless wideband drivers with backloaded cabinets. The floor- loaded basshorn- cabinets offer compact size with fundamental basses and superior dynamics.



1,4" dipole horn- tweeter
10" wideband driver
backloaded horn



Power handling

300W (AES)

(H x W x D)

106 x 34 x 35


30kg per speaker

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