Matterhorn MKII

The top of the line Bastanis passive powered speakers!


The passion for music and the continuous research for perfectionist sound quality made the Bastanis MATTERHORN MKII speakers come true. We use new methods to make the speaker cones behave better. This allows a puristic speaker design that makes the Bastanis MATTERHORN MKII concept extremely efficient. All treatments are handmade to get the best possible result pushing the limits to a higher level.

The Bastanis MATTERHORN MKII speakers show the beauty of sound, they do everything and even more! They can be powered by a SE fly- power tubed amp of about 1,5 W but they also shake the room using a high-wattage solid state amp. The fine dynamics and the ability to deliver full structures at lowest listening levels is unmatched and they belong to the most powerful and dynamical speakers of all times. The floor-firing bass horns allow to place the MATTERHORN in small to big rooms because the bass is self-adjusting to the size of the room and the size of the free floor space.

The Bastanis MATTERHORN MKII speakers let you feel the essence of music and take you to the top!

  • Midrange colouration from cone break up is absent.
  • The ultra high efficiency of 100 dB/1W/1m and the crossoverless design offers direct coupling of the wideband drivers to the power amp.
  • The floor- firing basshorn-  design offers superior bass- response with extremly dynamic, detailed and fundamental performance.
  • The Bastanis Gemini MKII dipole tweeters are a class of their own.

NEW: as of October 2019 the Matterhorn can be configured optionally with two dipole 15" widebanders for even better dynamics, lower deeps and fuller mids.



1,4" dipole horn- tweeter
15" wideband driver (dipole option)
backloaded horn



Power handling

600W (AES)

(H x W x D)

130 x 46 x 39


50kg per speaker

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