Bastanis Heartbeat I/C- cables

Feel it and let the music come alive!


The Bastanis line of Heartbeat I/C- cables is important to achieve satisfying sound quality from any high class- stereo. The Bastanis Heartbeat I/C- cables keep all members of an orchestra in place.

It`s a common problem of high resolution I/C- cables that many members of an orchestra disappear and the image becomes small and focussed on the resolution of finest details only. One pair of I/C- cables of this kind in your stereo- chain and even the best electronics and the best speakers can`t bring back the magical impression and the atmosphere of a live music- event. The Bastanis Heartbeat I/C- cables always keep this magic and keep your live impression. The Bastanis Heartbeat I/C- cables have built- in Rf- filters which keep out distortions above the audio frequency band for more relaxed and undisturbed sound.

Bastanis Heartbeat I/C- cables

The Bastanis Heartbeat I/C- cables are handmade and offer the sound and features from the description above, they are fine for longtime- satisfaction and musical experiences on highest quality level.

Bastais Heartbeat High I/C- cables

The Bastais Heartbeat High I/C- cables additional get the unique energetic treatments and they are a big step ahead in three dimensional sound, dynamics and resolution.

Bastanis Heartbeat Ultimate I/C - cables

The Bastanis Heartbeat Ultimate I/C- cables additional get crystal based laquer treatments and best possible plugs for ultimate open, energetic and most refined sound.

All our cables are available in different lengths. We only offer RCA (cinch) connectors.

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