Audio Cables

Your stereo system is more than the sum of electronics and speakers - it is a gateway to a world of incredible involving sound touching your soul.

The quality of your cables provides a huge difference in the overall sound experience. The cables connecting the components of your stereo will either enhance or weaken the sound- quality of your stereo.

At Bastanis we know the meaning of quality cables for the experience of music presented by a high- class stereo- chain. For most involving and satisfying sound Bastanis created three graded lines of cables to cover every need and budget.

Even our Space cables paired with top-of-the-line electronics and speakers offer a breathtakingly beautiful sound that will satisfy even the most discerning audiophiles.

If you are looking for even better detail and bigger imaging for your stereo? Have a look at the Bastanis High Space cables which offer improved resolution combined with a warm and natural midrange that will lead you straight to the heart of music.

If you're searching for the ultimate in sound quality you will not know the limits of your stereo before you have connected the Bastanis Imperial cables. The Bastanis Imperial cables show unparalleled clarity and dynamics, depth and refinement. The new groundbreaking technology of the Bastanis Imperial cables completely solves the problems of shielded cables. They will lift the sound- quality of your stereo to a new level and improve your listening experience to a new level that you have to hear to believe.

Upgrade your stereo with Bastanis cables and unlock the true potential of your stereo system. Feel the Music more intense and deeper touching your soul and enjoy the impression of Live- like sound.