Open Baffles

Open baffles are free from cabinet- resonances which downgrade the signal- quality. The size of image is bigger and more natural compared with monopole speakers and the open baffle shows best micro- detail in the midrange. The dipole characteristics of open baffles let the speakers interact with the room in a natural way like instruments. The interaction with the room is important for a realistic live- feeling of the music. The Bastanis Sagarmatha open baffle speakers lead some more energy to the frontside than to the backside of the speakers, this method and the active powered woofers let the Bastanis Sagarmatha speakers integrate well in any listening- room without special requirements and without the typical difficulties with fullrange dipole speakers to find the right placement for good imaging and good bass- response. The Bastanis Sagarmatha open baffle speakers will make you happy from the beginning, they are compact sized, vesatile and easy to setup.