High Efficiency Speakers

The Bastanis speakers are very high efficient, in this way most of the electrical energy from the amp is transformed into acoustical energy and no information is lost. It`s easy to imagine that such inefficient speakers only hardly can follow the finest details and the transient response of these speakers can`t be very good, too. The second reason is that most high wattage amplifiers of today also are not fully „wake up“ at lowest wattage- outputs. There are lower powered amplifiers which behave much better at lowest wattage- output and these kind of amps live up powering high efficient speakers and easy loads. The Bastanis speakers offer highest possible efficiency and they are an easy load because they don`t require much electrical damping for the basses and also the impedance is high and shows mild changes only. The Bastanis speakers sound fine with good sounding high wattage amps - there is no reason that an amp sounding fine powering low efficient speakers sound worse powering high efficient speakers - and if the Bastanis speakers are powered by a low powered amp the amp takes big profit from the easy to power Bastanis speakers and sounds unchained and much more dynamic and detailed.