Wideband Drivers

All Bastanis speaker- designs ground on wideband drivers which cover the frequency band which transports the musical content for best imaging and most dynamical response. The Bastanis wideband drivers get extensive and unique treatments which enable them to climb the frequency- band free from beaming effects and disturbing resonances without any series crossover- parts. The Bastanis wideband- drivers show a clean self roll- off to higher frequencies. For the same reason the Bastanis wideband drivers come without whizzer- cones, we prefer to use specialist tweeters with phenolic composite diaphragms for airy, sparkling and detailed highs and the right tone to work in perfect harmony with the Bastanis wideband drivers. Using wideband drivers which transmitt the musical informations is the best method because the problems of multiway speakers with interferences of different located drivers are absent and so the transient response and the imaging of wideband drivers are superior in comparison.